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Automatic Driving Lessons in Oxford

Are you tired of constantly changing gears? Consider joining the millions of others who have switched to automatic cars. Demand for automatic cars has doubled in the UK in recent years. About 8.4 million cars driving on British roads have automatic gearboxes.

Automatic driving is convenient. You do not need to worry about the clutch. You simply drive where you want to go. However, drivers in the UK are more familiar with manual gearboxes. If you have only driven manual cars, you should think about booking driving lessons in Oxford.

Intensive automatic driving courses provide in-depth training in a relaxed environment, helping you learn how to operate an automatic car quickly. Our experienced driving instructors can help you pass your automatic driving test with just 30 hours or less of intensive lessons. Our courses are DSA approved, stress-free, and affordable.

Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons

Most cars sold in Europe have manual transmissions. Drivers in the UK typically learn how to operate a clutch pedal and manually change gears. However, switching to an automatic transmission is not always easy.

After years of driving a car with a manual gearbox, you may not quickly adapt to driving an automatic car. With automatic driving lessons in Oxford, you receive the training needed to become more comfortable in the driver’s seat of an automatic car.

Some of the benefits of automatic driving lessons include:

  • You can drive a wider range of vehicles
  • You may find it easier to drive overseas
  • You can avoid the hassle of changing gears
  • You may find that you prefer automatic cars

Cars with automatic gearboxes cost more compared to the same make and model with a manual gearbox. Some drivers may also miss the feeling of manually changing gears. However, automatic cars offer many advantages.

With a manual gearbox, you need to depress the clutch, select a gear with the gear lever, and release the clutch to engage the selected gear. Automatic cars eliminate this process. Automatic gearboxes allow you to simply select the gear: park, reverse, drive, and neutral. You can also manually change to first or second gear.

Automatic cars are easier to drive. They also tend to offer a smoother ride and perform better in stop-and-go traffic. In congested traffic, you may need to frequently stop. Constantly pumping the clutch pedal is tiring and wears the components faster. Automatic gearboxes also provide a seamless transition between gears. They operate more efficiently, eliminating the occasional stutter that you may experience with a manual gearbox.

Automatic Driving Lessons for Nervous Drivers

If you tend to experience anxiety behind the wheel of an automobile, it helps to work with an experienced driving instructor. With automatic driving lessons for nervous drivers, you receive tailored training designed to ease your stress.

Intensive driving lessons in Oxford are also suitable for new drivers. If you do not already have a licence to drive, taking the automatic driving test can help you get a licence more quickly. You avoid the hassle of learning to drive a manual car, which is a source of anxiety for many new drivers. Without the pressure of changing gears, you can focus on the road. After several lessons, you will gain confidence in your driving abilities.

Automatic Driving Lessons for Seniors

As a senior, you likely have decades of driving experience with a manual gearbox. Switching to an automatic car can be a little overwhelming. Allow us to walk you through the controls. Automatic driving courses for seniors are geared toward those who may struggle to adapt to a different type of vehicle.

The idea of an automatic vehicle is often intimidating for older individuals. We eliminate the stress and make it easier to learn how to use an automatic car. Automatic cars are an ideal solution for seniors and people with disabilities or physical limitations, such as mobility issues. Automatic cars eliminate the need to operate a clutch. You simply select a gear, put the car into drive, and let the automatic transmission handle the changing of gears.

Thinking About Booking Automatic Driving Lessons?

In the UK, drivers can take the manual driving test, which allows them to drive manual and automatic cars. However, you also have the option of taking the automatic driving test. You will only be legally permitted to drive automatic cars but you also avoid the stress of driving a manual car. Learning to drive automatic cars is also useful when traveling outside of Europe. Over 95% of the cars sold in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South America are automatic.

If you are thinking about booking automatic driving lessons, do not delay. Get the training needed to safely operate an automatic car. To enjoy the benefits of automatic driving courses, book a lesson with a trusted Oxford driving school. Contact us today to schedule your lesson.

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