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Automatic Driving Lessons in Oxford

You also need to decide what type of car you want to take the test in. Choose between automatic and manual driving lessons in Oxford. We provide intensive driving lessons for both manual and automatic cars.


Intensive driving courses in Oxford

If you want the best value, consider booking the 30-hour intensive driving course. This is the perfect option for new drivers who want in-depth training for all aspects of driving.


Pass Plus Driving Courses

The Pass Plus driving program is comprised of six hour long session, with each session focusing on a different area of driver training not covered in the regular driver training.


Refresher Driving Courses

If you looking to improve and sharpen your existing driving skills? Need to get behind the wheel again? Then refresher driving lessons are ideal for you.



Drive with a reliable and affordable driving lessons in Oxford.

driving lessons in oxford with oxford driving 2 successDrive with reliable and affordable driving lessons in Oxford. . We are the preferred choice for learners looking to pass their driving tests. Our instructors make learning to drive safe, comfortable, and easy.

How it Works

We make it easy to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Based on your specific needs you can choose from hourly lessons or block booking. This flexibility provides a better solution for any budget and drivers of any age.

The driving lessons that you receive depend on your needs. However, the basic process includes the following steps:

  • Meet all driver eligibility requirements
  • Decide what type of lessons you want
  • Choose between manual and automatic lessons
  • Book your driving lessons in Oxford

When it comes to choosing a driving school, go for a reliable driving schools in Oxford that employs qualify and approved driving instructors (ADIs). We ensure that you are prepared.


Our successful drivers. Hear what they have to say about Oxford Driving 2 Success

I’m happy that I just passed on my first attempt in Oxford. Big thanks to Oxford Driving 2 Success! Intensive course done in less than a week. My instructor Tewfik was very patient and informative with some great tips and tricks. Extremely flexible with lessons and amazingly they were able to get me a test in less than a week. I would recommend Oxford Driving 2 Success to anyone looking to pass on their next test!Oliver SmithJune 20, 2024
I have passed my Practice Test successfully with the aid of instructor Tewhik today. The path to this accomplishment was not easy, especially considering how nervous a person I am, but with his professional targeted help and mentorship I had emerged out of this experience with my Test Pass Certificate. I cannot be more thankful to the school and Tewhik for all the support. Recommend!Александр ХаменскийJune 18, 2024
Just passed my driving test for the first time in Banbury, thanks to God! I had two lessons with Tewfik, and I am really thankful for all the help and techniques that he has taught me. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.Larissa da NovaJune 15, 2024
I've passed my practical test today schooled by the best driving instructor in Oxford Mr Tewfik Meddah! Thank you Mr Tewfik and thanks Oxford Driving 2 Success!alex tetraeilesJune 12, 2024
I passed my test today. I couldn't be more satisfied with the Oxford Driving 2 success experience. From the very first lesson, Tewfik was professional, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. He provided clear instructions and constructive feedback that greatly boosted my confidence behind the wheel.His teaching style is both engaging and reassuring, making complex maneuvers and road rules easy to understand and master. He was always punctual, well-prepared, and tailored each lesson to address my specific needs and concerns. Thanks to his guidance and expertise, I felt well-prepared and confident going into my driving test—and I passed!I highly recommend Tewfik to anyone looking for a top-notch driving instructor. His dedication to his students' success is truly recommendable. Thank you broSerhad YosJune 6, 2024
I passed my driving test yesterday with OxfordDriving2Success Massive Thanks to Tewfik for all his help and driving tips to help me pass my Manual driving test in Oxford Cowley today. Was nervous sometimes on the roads and while learning new stuff while driving like roundabouts etc but he is genuinely very patient and explains things very well and clearly. Not only I passed my test, but I also learned how to drive safely on road with Tewfik. I had previous instructors who were teaching extremely slow, then I found him and didn’t take too many lessons then passed my test. He has very good availability and is flexible all the times. His car was also easy to learn in and you pick it up quickly. I 100% would recommend anyone to learn with him, he doesn’t waste anytime. Thank you Tewfik!BILxQUR 76June 5, 2024
I am thrilled to share that I passed my UK driving test today Oxford (Cowley) in my very first attempt with the support of Oxford Driving 2 Succss.My heartiest gratitude towards Mr.Tewfik,my driving instructor who understand my circumstances.He helped me to booked a urgent date for test and arrange training times considering my tight working schedules.I couldn't have done it without your expert guidance, patience, and encouragement throughout the entire learning process. Your knowledge and skills as a driving instructor truly made all the difference in helping me achieve this milestone.Thank you for believing in me, challenging me, and pushing me to become a confident and competent driver. Your dedication to teaching and mentoring is truly admirable, and I am grateful for the time and effort you invested in helping me succeed.I would recommend him for beginners who want to become good driver and pass the test first time, he is the best.❤️❤️Ramesh HitinayakeMay 18, 2024
I Luiz,........I am very, very happy with my driving test carried out this Sunday 12/05 in Oxford Cowley with OXFORDDRIVING2SUCCESS. from my great friend Mr. TEWFIK. and I passed my first test, I recommend it, because with all its technique and driving tricks it was essential for me to pass, very grateful my friend Tewfik, because in addition to English, he also speaks Portuguese.Luiz ChilezeMay 14, 2024
Today, I achieved a big win passing my driving test with OxfordDriving2Success, all thanks to Tewfik. His calm and patient teaching style eased my nerves during our intensive course. With him, I not only passed but also learned how to drive safely. Tewfik's flexibility in scheduling lessons and his easy-to-control car made the whole experience smoother. For anyone learning to drive, I highly recommend Tewfik at OxfordDriving2Success! 🚗🌟Vasyl NahovskyiApril 26, 2024
I passed today with oxford 2 success driving school in the oxford Cowley test centre. It’s the best school in oxford!! 100% recommend for everyone wanting a license. I had the manual intensive course with Tewfik he was very patient and very knowledgable the car i was learning in was very straightforward to drive.Sonja HamedApril 24, 2024
I passed my driving test in Oxford (Cowley) in a manual car with OXFORD driving 2 Success. My instructor was patient and encouraging throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this driving school for any learner.Lara AndrewsApril 21, 2024
I passed my driving test today with the best driving school in oxford I PASS WITH OXFORD DRIVING 2 SUCCESS, I had intensive manuel course with Tewfik but he is knowledgeable, patient and he give me the best skill not just for passing but for life. I passed my test in test centre oxford(cowley) I cant thank oxford driving school enough They are the bestmk777dg 7March 11, 2024
I passed my Driving test today with Oxford Driving to Success, in Oxford Cowley office. Tewfik the instructor was really helpful to my success, not only that he help me passed, but he also built my confidence on the road. He was a good instructor, and I will recommend Oxford Driving to Success to anyone wanting to pass his or her driving exams! Thanks to Oxford Driving to Success.Daniel SamuelFebruary 28, 2024
I passed today my driving first time with OxfordDriving2Success Thank you to Tewfik for all his amazing driving skills to help me pass my Manual driving test in Oxford Cowley today. I was a nervous person but he calmed my nerves down and he was so patient with me.Not only I passed my test, but I also learned how to drive safely on road with Tewfik.Very flexible driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.My sister to passed with him honestly wouldn’t of been able to do it without him am so very grateful for all of his help and knowledge he shared.Ellie PlumsteadFebruary 19, 2024
I have to recommend this driving school Oxford Driving 2 Success because they provided me with sufficient training and driving experience. Especially instructor Tewfik Meddah, whose professional experience corrected many of my shortcomings and inherent mistakes. Despite the instructor might put pressure on you during driving, it's all part of the reliable experience a professional instructor gives you, as validated by me. I having over 10 years of driving experience, the advice given by the instructor was still very helpful. After 36 hours of training, I passed my first driving test. Thanks to Tewfik.Xingjun HanJanuary 6, 2024
I’m very grateful to Tewfick for helping me pass my manual driving test for the first time last week! I was quite a nervous driver, but Tewfick calmed me down and was excellent at giving me clear instructions, and helping me whenever I was stuck. Learning to drive in Oxford was difficult (as it’s so busy all the time!) but with Tewfick’s help it became easier as time went on, leading me to pass my test first time! I was very lucky I found him in time, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive 🙂Emily EquestrianDecember 5, 2023
I passed my driving test with OxfordDriving2Success. Thanks to Tewfik and his many years of experience. He gave me valuable tips for my test and also for my real life driving. I highly recommend it if you feel unsure about driving manual in Oxford Cowley, as he will truly help you learn and enjoy driving. Thanks Tewfik.Guilherme ZaninNovember 17, 2023
Today I passed my driving test at Oxford driving test center with Oxford Driving 2 Success. A big thanks to Tewfik for his help and patience. I had a series of intensive manual driving lessons with him and he helped me pass on the first try. We practiced all the driving test routes so I knew what to expect on the test. He boosted my confidence and helped me deal with roundabouts. His car is great for learning how to drive. I highly recommend him for intensive driving lessons.Behdad AghelnejadNovember 16, 2023
I am very happy to share I successfully completed and pass in my driving test today with OxfordDriving2Success! I extend my sincere gratitude to Tewfik for all help he give to me and his exceptional driving guidance, which played a pivotal role in my success during the Manual driving test in Oxford Cowley. Im a very anxious person but Tewfik provided excellent instruction and instilled a great sense of calm proving instrumental in my success. I tottaly recommend Him and OxfordDriving2Success!Sílvio RodriguesNovember 14, 2023
I passed my manual driving test today with Tewfik from Oxford Driving 2 Success and honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made, it can be hard to find a driving instructor let alone one who is very patient and as knowledgeable as Tewfik , he teaches all the best techniques for the easiest and smoothest passes, I do not regret choosing Tewfik to be my instructor and neither will you! Amazing service!Dillon stringerNovember 7, 2023
Very goodmarinela ndreuNovember 7, 2023
I recently passed my driving test with Oxford driving 2 success driving school. After trying multiple schools in the area none compare! I had a brilliant experience , received professional and thoughtful tuition giving me the skills and confidence to pass my test. I couldn’t recommend this driving school enough for manual driving lessons in Oxford!Ayeisha TimadjerNovember 4, 2023
Passed on the first attempt today! A huge shout-out to Tewfik for being an absolute driving mentor extraordinaire! I used to be a bundle of nerves behind the wheel, especially having grown up in a country with vastly different road rules compared to the UK. Thanks to Tewfik, I’m now a confident driver. Tewfik didn’t just prepare me for the test; he ensured I had the essential skills to navigate the roads safely and successfully in challenging conditions. It’s incredible that I achieved so much in just a few lessons with Tewfik. If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional driving instructor, Tewfik is your ticket to driving success! Also, Tewfik is incredibly likeable and friendly. Well done to Oxford Driving 2 Success for having instructors like Tewfik!EnoshOctober 30, 2023
I passed today with Oxford Drive 2 success! Massive thanks to Tewfik enabling me to pass my test. Other friends have passed with him as well so I knew I was in good hands. I highly recommend Tewfik. 😁Killer makerOctober 12, 2023
A massive THANK YOU to Tewfik, from Oxford Driving 2 Success, who made me pass on the driving test today! He was always very patient, explained many times my doubts, gave a loooot of tips and made me improve my confidence on my driving! Apart from that, he was always so supportive and believed in my potencial!! I will recommend you to all of my colleagues and friends!! See you on the road!Lara de BruchardSeptember 26, 2023
I am over the moon with Tewfik at Oxford Driving 2 success as I have passed my test first time at Oxford Cowley test centre! Never been more happy as he made me believe in my capabilities and lifted my confidence with driving. He took me down the exact route my test was on, and told me exactly what I needed to watch out for. He is very skilful, and taught me everything I needed to know in order to pass my test covering everything. A MASSIVE thank you to oxford driving 2 success as I am now a full license holder.Freddy KruczkoSeptember 25, 2023
I passed my test in First attempt.uncle Toffiq is best instructor.very good experienceAqeel AnwarSeptember 22, 2023
I passed today 1st time with Oxford Drive 2 success!!! Highly recommended and awesome instructor, had two other instructors in the past and Tewfik was the best by far, was very patient and friendly during my learning process. Helped me a lot with the best tips and trick for everyday driving, not only to pass the test, which definitely helped with my progress during this period. Very flexible with time for the lessons.Thiago ZulianiJune 28, 2023
Huge thanks to Tewfik at Oxford driving 2 success, who helped me pass my extended driving test in Cowley Oxford on my first attempt. I began as a nervous driver who needed guidance and Tewfik was there to help, he was very patient and professional with me and he is great fun and put me at ease. I recommend Tewfik to anyone serious about passing as he is great. I thank him for turning me into a confident driver.Lucretiu TeodorescuJune 25, 2023
I just passed today with Oxford Drive 2 Success doing a manual course. I was Tewfik’s lucky number 3 this week. Has been great throughout the whole teaching, helped me bring back my confidence driving and eventually passed first time. Thank you very much Tewfik and thank you Oxford Driving 2 success.Christian SpalliniJune 23, 2023
Thanks to Tevfik I have passed my test first time and he has been so helpful for me during this journey to pass my driving test, I was very nervous and he had calmed me down throughout the whole time, Oxford DRİVİNG 2 Success is the best school and you will enjoy every lesson with him.MEHMET KOCAGERJune 21, 2023
Mister Tewfik is a very helpful and a very good instructor. I recommend you if you want to past your test soon. Good in timekeeping and very patience. He will help you to improve your confidence driving. For me, the best!OXFORD DRIVING 2 SUCCESS best school in Oxford.#Drivingtestinoxford #Drivinglessoninoxford #Drivingschoolsinoxford #manualdrivinglessoninoxford #intensivecourseinoxfordBelqassim SabriJune 1, 2023
I passed my manual driving test today at Cowley Oxford Test Centre! Thank you very much to Tewfik from Oxford Driving2Success #oxforddriving2success Thank you very much, Tewfik for your support and advice. Your instruction allowed me to build confidence in myself and my ability, and for that I am very grateful. Tewfik made me feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel by teaching me the important driving techniques to be safe.Heather DixonJune 1, 2023
Thanks to oxforddriving2success driving school and my instructor Tewfik I passed my practical driving test today in Oxford cowley.He is a very patient and helpful instructor.Very knowledgeable and nice he’s able to help you calm down and relax when you’re feeling nervous.He is a great imy and would recommend him to anyone that wants to pass there practical driving test in oxford.Thank you Tewfik very much.Ellie PlumsteadMay 29, 2023
A very good driving instructor very patient highly recommend and I cannot thank him enough And if you want to pass your driving test us your driving test with confidence get in touch with OxforddmDrivin2successClinton DallimoreMay 22, 2023
OxfordDriving2Success is the Best driving school in oxford without a doubt. Tawfik was my instructor and he helped me step by step, he was very patient and taught me how to overcome my obstacles when driving. i had an intensive course and passed 1st time. He also was all 4 my brothers instructor and they all passed first time. very happy with the results, 100% recommend. 👌 Top G Tawfikomar shihadehMay 15, 2023
the best driving school in oxford i learned manual transmission with tewfik. i had a intensive course with oxford driving 2 success. OxfordDriving2Success is the best school in oxford. Tewfik is very patient, caring and very friendly as well ! I scored my goal today i completely recommend.Gabriel MizaelMay 9, 2023
OxfordDriving2Success is the best driving school in Oxford. Tewfik is an excellent instructor and is very patient and informative. With Tewfik you can be sure that you’re in the best hands. I passed my manual driving test in Oxford Cowley after an intensive course with Tewfik. I have passed his name on to all my friends and completely recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their test.RafaelMay 9, 2023
Passed on my first attempt with oxford driving 2 success at Oxford test centre. Tewfik knows what he is doing very patient gives great clear instructions no matter the situation. Very highly rated instructor could ask for bettercallum gaughanMay 8, 2023
Passed on my first attempt (manual) with Oxford Driving 2 Success at Oxford (cowley).Tewfik is amazing instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and flexible. He gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to pass my first attempt.I can’t thank him enough for all his patience and advice given to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!GabrielApril 7, 2023
Big thank you to Tewfik from OxfordDriving2Success. I passed my driving test 1st attempt,My friend recommended him to me and I cannot thank him enough too. Taught me everything from scratch and prepared me like no one could have done to the test. Everything he advised me to correct or perfect was requested during the test which I have passed first time .abdenour kechoutMarch 29, 2023
I passed my test first time, zero fault with Oxford driving to success. Tewfik was very patient and taught everything needed to drive safely his patience definitely boosted my confidence as he believed in me and reassured me when I found it hard to drive around with a manual transmission. Thanks OxfordDriving2Success. I will surely recommend.Naiker DalmasoMarch 22, 2023
I passed my practical (manual) driving test today with Oxford Driving 2 Sucess at Oxford (Cowley) test centre.Tewfik is an excellent instructor who helped me overcome some very bad driving habits. His patience, humour, flexibility and knowledge gave me the confidence and skills required to pass. He is the best instructor I have ever had.I would highly recommend his services.Gail KennedyMarch 20, 2023
My instructor Mr Mohammed was everything I could ask for and more. With his guidance I passed first time (automatic). He was so understanding, clear and friendly. I will be recommending him to everyone I know.Jess IMarch 6, 2023
Massive thanks to Tewfik all his brilliant driving tricks to help me pass my driving test in Oxford Cowley last week!!!! Very flexible driving instructor. He will boost your confidence to high and you feel so comfortable driving on your own. Thanks to Oxford Driving 2 Success!!!! The best driving school in the world 🌎 👌Tomasz WeinholdMarch 1, 2023
Oxford Driving 2 Sucess is a wonderful driving school. Tewfik is a very kind and talented driving instructor. He got me to pass with infinite patience and with detailed yet easy to understand instructions. I’m so glad and grateful to have had him teaching me and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to pass in Oxford as no one knows the area better than he does.Chloe NaylorFebruary 21, 2023
Huge thanks to Tewfik for all his brilliant driving tricks to help me pass my Manual driving test in Oxford Cowley today. Not only I passed my test, but I also learned how to drive safely on road with Tewfik. He is one of the best and Very flexible driving instructor. I highly recommend Oxford driving to success school in Oxford for fast learning and professional classes. He will boost your confidence too high and you feel so comfortable driving on your own.... and yeah, he has a great car too 😁 I really enjoyed it. 🎉🎉 Passed on my second attempt (manual) with Oxford Driving 2 Success at Oxford test center. Tewfik was a great instructor, very knowledgeable, patient, always giving clear and precise instructions in every situation. An amazing instructor who is patient and goes above and beyond to make sure you pass your test. Tewfik is confident and professional yet likes to be funny which helped me feel as ease. I would recommend for anyone who is serious about getting their driving license.Zakir IqbalJanuary 27, 2023
Big thank you to Tewfik at Oxford driving 2 success, who has helped me pass my manual driving test in Oxford Cowley. I began as a nervous driver who needed guidance and Tewfik was there to help , he was very patient and professional with me and he also is very funny which makes it a lot easier. I recommend Tewfik to anyone serious about passing as he is great 👍.During my intensive course there was ups and downs in my driving But Tewfik always managed to get me on track and put me at ease . I thank him for turning me into the confident driver I am now.Charlie TassellJanuary 24, 2023
I passed first time with Oxford driving 2 success in a manual car.Tewfik was a great instructor encouraging me aswell as being patient as I learnt how to drive.He managed to book me a test within 2 weeks in Oxford aswell,allowing me to drive asapmohamed bouhamouJanuary 3, 2023
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The Best Driving School in Oxford

Schools that offer the best car driving lessons in Oxford are always able to teach you on the vehicle you’re most interested in, be it an automatic or manual transmission. Even if you’re taking a lesson to improve your driving skills, they will have both types available. This means that when you find the oxford driving schools that offers “cheap driving lessons near me,” they’ll have everything that you need to be successful.

Those people interested in Oxford driving lessons can learn on either manual or automatic vehicles. The choice is up to the driver, but when you choose a manual driving lesson, you’ll receive a full driving license instead of an automatic one. If you’re looking for any type of driving courses in Oxford, you’ll have a choice between either of these, but manual driving lessons are often a little cheaper.

If you’re wondering if there are advantages to learning how to drive a manual transmission, the answer is “yes.” Manual transmission vehicles are generally cheaper to maintain and cheaper to buy, and the most affordable driving lessons in Oxford tend to be on a car with a manual transmission. In addition, since you never know when you may have to drive a vehicle without an automatic transmission, it’s simply a good idea to learn to drive one of these cars.

Your patience and ongoing willingness to learn got you there. Congratulation SASHA on passing today on first attempt 🥳🥳🥳🎈🎈🎈👏👏👏and see you on the roads. #Drivingtestinoxford #Drivinglessoninoxford #Drivingschoolsinoxford #manualdrivinglessoninoxford#intensivecourseinoxford ... See MoreSee Less
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